Because I’m Batman….


I have a friend whose daughter loves Batman and Halloween.  My friend wanted me to do a small cookie bouquet for her daughter and she wanted a Halloween theme along with a Batman theme.  At first we thought about doing some Halloween sugar cookies and then include a batman sugar cookie.  But I thought there had to be something a little more creative than doing that.  Then it finally hit me – why not incorporate the Batman logo into the Halloween cookies.  I decided to go with a witch theme for the sugar cookies.

Starting from the top, a sugar cookie witch’s hat with the Batman logo on the band:

Sugar Cookie Witch’s Hat with Batman Logo

Next, the witch socks and shoes:

Sugar Cookie Witch Shoes with Batman Logo

Of course, every witch has her cauldron:

Sugar Cookie Cauldron with Batman Logo

Witch Sugar Cookies with Batman Logo

The finished bouquet:

Halloween Sugar Cookie Bouquet – Witch and Batman Theme

I’m happy to report that my friend’s daughter loved her Halloween treat!



LOVE the witches shoes! Who am I kidding…love them all 🙂 Great job!


Do you sell your cookies?

Enchanted Cookie Boutique

Brianna — Yes I do sell my cookies.

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