Wedding Sugar Cookies

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Here are some sugar cookies I made for a wedding.  They were presented to the bride and groom at the wedding reception. Bride Sugar Cookie and Groom Sugar Cookie Monogram Wedding Sugar Cookies

Peter Rabbit Sugar Cookies

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These Peter Rabbit sugar cookies were made for a baby shower.  The baby shower was a tea party so I decided to put the Peter Rabbit design on a sugar cookie tea-pot.  I put on my artist cap and tried my hand at painting the cookie to make it look like the pictures in the Peter Rabbit book. Peter Rabbit Sugar Cookie

New Twist on a Favorite Sugar Cookie Bouquet

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I was asked to do some small sugar cookie bouquets as table center pieces for a luncheon.  I was going to put only 3 sugar cookies in each sugar cookie bouquet.  Because there were only going to be 3 sugar cookies in each sugar cookie bouquet center piece I decided to try something new – a double-sided sugar cookie.  For each sugar cookie I decorated both sides of the cookie.  I didn’t want people on one side

Sugar Cookie Bouquet for a Dance Teacher

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I did this sugar cookie bouquet for a teacher at a dance studio.  I did a sugar cookie bouquet for the same teacher last year so I needed to do something completely different from what I did last year.  I decided to include the dance studio’s logo on one of the sugar cookies. Dance Sugar Cookies for Bouquet

Teacher Appreciation Sugar Cookie Bouquet

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Well, the school year has ended and I created several dozen sugar cookies and sugar cookie bouquets for kids to give to their teachers to say Thank You for all they do. Here are some mini sugar cookies that I did for an elementary school teacher: Mini Sugar Cookies for School Teacher Here are two sugar cookie bouquets for teachers: A B C and Apple Sugar Cookies Sugar Cookie Bouquet for School Teacher Sugar Cookie

Popcorn Sugar Cookies

When I was doing the sugar cookie bouquet for the Docutah event, I wanted to make some small bite size sugar cookie samples to hand out at the reception before the film.  And nothing goes better with a film than popcorn – so I decided to try to make some sugar cookie popcorn.  Here is what I came up with: Sugar Cookie Popcorn Sugar Cookie Popcorn If you want to know how I did the popcorn,

Docutah Logo Sugar Cookie Bouquet

I was asked again this year to make a sugar cookie bouquet for Docutah, the southern Utah documentary film festival held in St. George, UT.   A special event was held to promote the festival and as part of that event they had a panel present to discuss the documentary that was shown.  To say thank you to the panel members, they gave each of them a cookie from the bouquet. Docutah Movie Themed Sugar Cookies

Easter Sugar Cookies

It’s time for Easter sugar cookies!  Here are some I did for M&R Gallery of Photography.  They have an annual “chicks and bunny” day where kids can have their pictures taken with live chicks or a bunny. They wanted some chick sugar cookies – but I also thought they needed some bunny sugar cookies. Easter Sugar Cookies – Chick Sugar Cookies and Bunny Sugar Cookies And of course it wouldn’t be Easter without

Skylander Sugar Cookies

Just like when I was asked to make Beyblade sugar cookies, when I was asked to make Skylander sugar cookies for a little boy’s birthday I had no clue what the Skylander game was.  Thank goodness for the internet!  I decided to do the 8 elements and then 4 of the characters. Skylander Characters Sugar Cookie – Stealth Elf, Double Trouble, Camo, and Hex These Skylander character sugar cookies were some of the more complicated designs I’