I Heart Sugar Cookies

Valentine’s Day may be over, but you can give a heart sugar cookie anytime.   I had fun trying a different technique of decorating – stencils! Pink Sugar Cookie Hearts I was thrilled when I found these stencils made specifically for heart shaped sugar cookies.  The stencil allows for you to get a lot of beautiful detail that is hard to do with just a bag of frosting and a decorating tip.  Check out these heart

Designer Sugar Cookies in St. George, UT


Designer sugar cookies are finally here in St. George.  I’m excited to be able to offer the people of St. George and the surrounding area designer sugar cookies.  Sugar cookies for every occasion – birthdays, weddings, baptisms, any occasion you can think of I can make you a special sugar cookie for that event.  They also make unique gifts.   The best part is that not only do the sugar cookies look good, but they taste