Sugar Cookie Flower and New Beginnings Sugar Cookie Bouquets

Here are some more sugar cookie bouquets.   The first one is a flower sugar cookie bouquet with sugar cookie butterflies that I did as a gift for someone to give to a co-worker.  If you look closely  you will see a small sugar cookie lady bug on one of the flowers. Sugar Cookie and Butterfly Sugar Cookie Bouquet Sugar Cookie Flower with Sugar Cookie Lady Bug The next one is a flower sugar cookie bouquet

Sugar Cookie Bouquets

I decided it was time to post the sugar cookie bouquets I have done for people to give as gifts.   This will be the first of many posts with sugar cookie bouquets. Here is one that I did for two girls baptisms: CTR, White Dress, Baptism Sugar Cookies CTR Baptism Sugar Cookie Bouquet Girl Baptism CTR Cookie Bouquet For those of you who aren’t familiar with CTR it stands for Choose the Right.