Cookies and Documentaries

A few weeks ago I was asked to do a cookie bouquet for Docutah – a wonderful international documentary film festival here in Southern Utah.  I was excited about being asked and even more excited about figuring out how to get their logo on the cookies.  Here is the logo: I knew I couldn’t freehand this logo, so I decided to try a stencil, which meant I would have to make one.  How does one

Spring Bouquet

I’ve never been very good with plants.  I love them and every spring I go buy flowers with the intention of turning my patio into a floral paradise.  I dream of sitting on my patio with a cool breeze blowing and the sweet aroma of flowers.  But in reality, the plants usually die before they ever make their way into the ground.  Well, I finally found a way of making that dream come true –

It’s a Sugar Cookie Spring


A friend of mine recently asked me to do some sugar cookies for a meeting she was attending.  She wanted to surprise everyone with a treat – so we decided to go with a spring theme.  I was excited because a few days earlier I had been admiring the butterfly sugar cookies on  Now, it was my turn to turn plain sugar cookies, into beautiful butterflies.  I have to admit that as of right