Christmas Sugar Cookies

Here are samples of the Christmas sugar cookies that I did this year.

Christmas Stocking Sugar Cookies
Christmas Stocking Sugar Cookies
Mitten and Sweater Sugar Cookie
Christmas Sugar Cookies
Christmas Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies

The following are miniature (bite size) cookies that I did.


Mini Christmas Sugar Cookies
Mini Christmas Sugar Cookies

I did a few Christmas sugar cookie bouquets.

Sugar Cookies for Christmas Sugar Cookie Bouquet
Christmas Sugar Cookie Bouquet
Christmas Sugar Cookies for Christmas Sugar Cookie Bouquet

Christmas Sugar Cookie Bouquet
Christmas Sugar Cookie Bouquet



New Beginnings Sugar Cookies

This title could refer to different things – I think we all have events in our lives that we could refer to as “new beginnings”.   I had the opportunity to create sugar cookie bouquets and individual sugar cookies for a few of the LDS young women organizations in my area.  Every year they have a special program called New Beginnings.   The young women’s organization has eight values (faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue) and each value is represented by a color.  So deciding on what colors to use was very easy for me this time!

This first bouquet was for a New Beginnings program where each value was represented by a puzzle piece and they discussed how those pieces fit together in their lives.   There are 8 puzzle pieces, one for each value, and in the center is the LDS Salt Lake Temple.

Young Women Values Sugar Cookie Bouquet
Young Women Values Sugar Cookie Bouquet

The hardest part of the bouquet was figuring out how to fit choice & accountability on the cookie.

Salt Lake Temple Sugar Cookie
Salt Lake Temple Sugar Cookie

The next bouquet is of sugar cookie flowers done in the 8 young women value colors.  I also prepared small bags with 8 mini sugar cookie flowers in the value colors to be handed out to the young women.

Flower Sugar Cookies in Young Women Value Colors
Flower Sugar Cookies in Young Women Value Colors
Flower Young Women Values Sugar Cookies
Flower Young Women Values Sugar Cookies





Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Sugar Cookies

Well, it has been a while since I posted.  In November I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  From that point forward things moved very quickly.  Now I know what Dorothy felt like in that tornado – things whirling in fast motion and taking you to a place you weren’t expecting.  Except I didn’t go to see the Wizard, I got to see lots of doctors.

For what it is, I feel very blessed.  I caught the cancer very early and was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer.  I only had to do four rounds of chemo.  I had my first round on December 20th.  I kept telling people it was my Christmas Chemo.

In February I finished my last round of chemo and to thank the wonderful nurses that worked with me, I decided to make them cookies!

Of course I had to do pink breast cancer awareness cookies.  I did pink ribbon sugar cookies.  And because I had recently purchased some new fancy frame cookie cutters I wanted to do sugar cookies with the words that are associated with breast cancer – Faith, Hope, Courage, Strength.

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Sugar Cookies
Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Sugar Cookies

I tried to tie the pink ribbon on the bag to look like a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon.


Hope Sugar Cookies - Breast Cancer Awareness
Hope Sugar Cookies – Breast Cancer Awareness
Faith Sugar Cookies - Breast Cancer Awareness
Faith Sugar Cookies – Breast Cancer Awareness
Strength & Courage Sugar Cookies - Breast Cancer Awareness
Strength & Courage Sugar Cookies – Breast Cancer Awareness

I tried to do some with a little different design.  The words on the pink and white didn’t show up very well, so I added a little glitter to them so see if I could make the words pop.

Breast Cancer Awareness Sugar Cookies
Breast Cancer Awareness Sugar Cookies

I am very thankful for the many caring medical professionals that I am working with.  The sugar cookies were just a small token that I could give them to tell them thank you for everything they have done so far.

Christmas Sugar Cookies

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  November and December were a whirlwind for me, but that will be another post.   During life’s disruptions I did manage to make some Christmas cookies.  I stuck with what I considered to be very basic and easy to create designs.  I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and I hope that the new year brings many blessings and much joy for all of us.

Enough from me – enjoy the pictures:

Sugar Cookie Christmas Ornament
Sugar Cookie Christmas Ornament
Sugar Cookie Candy Cane
Sugar Cookie Snowflake
Sugar Cookie Snowflakes
Sugar Cookie Christmas Tree

The following is a cookie that I created to give to the Young Women that I work with in church.  It went along with our lesson on the nativity:

Sugar Cookie Star with Nativity
Sugar Cookie Star with Nativity


Voila… a Cookie Cutter

So the other day I made a D cookie cutter for the college logo sugar cookies I did for the local college.  I decided to make another cookie cutter for the logo of a local high school.  It’s a pretty simple cookie cutter so I thought I would take pictures of the process so you can see how easy it is to make a cookie cutter.

Here is the logo I will be making the cookie cutter for:

Desert Hills HS Shield

Here is a picture of the cookie cutter kit I used:

Cookie Cutter Kit made by R&M Int’l

I bought the kit from, the cost was $14.83.  It comes with enough aluminum to make several cookie cutters.  You can cut the aluminum with a pair of scissors.

Here is what the kit looks like:

The instructions that come with the kit are easy to follow.  The only thing that I had to figure out (because I didn’t really read the instructions that closely – even though they are less than a page long) was that on the long piece one end is for pointed corners, the other is a little larger for more rounded corners.

The first thing I did was form the bottom of the shield:

Then I placed it on the logo and marked where the first upper curve needed to be and marked it with a marker:

Using the mark as my starting point, I created the curve:

When I was making the D cookie cutter I found that the best way to create curves was not to wrap the aluminum around the round guide, but to actually wrap and turn the plastic guide at the same time.

With each step you will need to place your cutter on the picture/guide to determine where your next curves and bends need to be.  The next several pictures will be the rest of the steps I used in making the cookie cutter:

After you have the cookie cutter formed, you finish it off by using the adhesive included with the kit to join the ends together.  To create a strong bond, you are supposed to let the cookie cutter sit for 72 hours before using, or you can put it in the oven at 200-degrees for an hour.

 I hope this post was helpful!

Because I’m Batman….

I have a friend whose daughter loves Batman and Halloween.  My friend wanted me to do a small cookie bouquet for her daughter and she wanted a Halloween theme along with a Batman theme.  At first we thought about doing some Halloween sugar cookies and then include a batman sugar cookie.  But I thought there had to be something a little more creative than doing that.  Then it finally hit me – why not incorporate the Batman logo into the Halloween cookies.  I decided to go with a witch theme for the sugar cookies.

Starting from the top, a sugar cookie witch’s hat with the Batman logo on the band:

Sugar Cookie Witch’s Hat with Batman Logo

Next, the witch socks and shoes:

Sugar Cookie Witch Shoes with Batman Logo

Of course, every witch has her cauldron:

Sugar Cookie Cauldron with Batman Logo
Witch Sugar Cookies with Batman Logo

The finished bouquet:

Halloween Sugar Cookie Bouquet – Witch and Batman Theme

I’m happy to report that my friend’s daughter loved her Halloween treat!