Firecrackers, Stars and Sugar Cookies

It’s almost the 4th of July, so I couldn’t resist putting together a sugar cookie bouquet to celebrate. I also decided to do some individual cookies that could be eaten right away.  And believe me, they didn’t last the night.

M I C K E Y…why? To Cheer Her Up


My friend took her family to Disneyland for their family vacation.  While there her daughter ended up in the hospital and spent the next week enjoying their vacation from a hospital bed.  I don’t even think Mickey visited her in the hospital.  I’m very happy to report she’s doing just fine.  Her souvenir was an incision on her knee with over a dozen staples holding it all together. So, to cheer her

Sugar Cookie Baby

This sugar cookie bouquet was made for a friend of mine that just adopted a baby boy.  This was used as the center piece for her baby shower.  Months ago I had purchased a piece of scrapbook paper that I really liked.  I bought it and was so excited to create cookies from it, but life just kept getting in the way.  I finally had a reason to make the cookies so I jumped at

Soccer Cookie Bouquet


This is a bouquet that was made for a teenage girl who plays – well, lets see if you can guess…..  It was fun to do the soccer balls.  To make the bouquet very personal, I added the young woman’s name to the shoe. Now, for something completely different and delicious — miniature flower sugar cookies. These flowers are truly bite size.

Sugar Cookies for Charity

I was asked to prepare two baskets of six cookies for a charity auction.  Ah, did you think Charity was a person?  The auction was to raise money for a science and math camp for 7th grade girls.  They requested that I make a cookie with their logo on it and a cookie with the name of the camp. The auction included a fashion show and the theme of the fashion show was The Desert

Sugar Cookie Dancing


This week is teacher appreciation week.  In honor of that I was asked to make a sugar cookie bouquet for a dance teacher.  Last time I made a bouquet for a dancer I wanted to try putting dance silhouettes on the cookie, but I just didn’t have time to figure out how to do it.  Well, this weekend I decided to take the plunge and try some different techniques. I printed off several silhouettes 

Flowers or Sugar Cookie Bouquet?

If you were a teenage girl and just performed in a dance competition, which would you rather get at the end of your performance – a sugar cookie bouquet that you could eat or flowers that you will eventually have to throw out?  Personally, I would go for the sugar cookies! A friend of mine asked me to do  a sugar cookie bouquet for her granddaughter who was performing in a dance competition.  I thought it

Happy Easter

Time to decorate the eggs!    I prepared a basket of 2 dozen sugar cookies for easter – in each basket I included 1 dozen cookies of 6 flowers and 6 easter eggs each.       And for the smaller appetites, I prepared some bite size Easter cookies: Not everything was coming up Easter this week.  I was asked to prepare a thank you bouquet for a man.  We decided to go with a sports theme – this is what I came up with:

Cookies and Documentaries

A few weeks ago I was asked to do a cookie bouquet for Docutah – a wonderful international documentary film festival here in Southern Utah.  I was excited about being asked and even more excited about figuring out how to get their logo on the cookies.  Here is the logo: I knew I couldn’t freehand this logo, so I decided to try a stencil, which meant I would have to make one.  How does one

Spring Bouquet

I’ve never been very good with plants.  I love them and every spring I go buy flowers with the intention of turning my patio into a floral paradise.  I dream of sitting on my patio with a cool breeze blowing and the sweet aroma of flowers.  But in reality, the plants usually die before they ever make their way into the ground.  Well, I finally found a way of making that dream come true –