Get Well Sugar Cookies


I was asked by someone to do a platter of sugar cookies for their mother-in-law who had just gotten out of the hospital.  At first I suggested flower cookies, but she wanted to do something more whimsical and she mentioned band-aids.  So, I took off with that suggestion.  Because I have never done anything on a cookie with band-aids, I needed some inspiration.  So I searched around the internet and got some inspiration from some clipart.

I decided to do a few flower cookies that were “on the mend”:

And the whimsical band-aid sugar cookies:


Instead of using a regular card to put their greeting, I decided to do a sugar cookie card with their message.  Here is the completed platter of cookies that was given to her mother-in-law:

I’m happy to report that the family loved the cookies – I was told that “The family said they were great. They were surprised that they not only looked good but tasted good too!”  Maybe a sugar cookie a day will keep the doctor away!



The little band-aid guys are too cute!! I love that they are waving 🙂 so sweet!

Enchanted Cookie Boutique

Thank you! I had fun working on them and trying to do something unique.

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