Spring Bouquet

Sugar Cookie Floral Bouquet I’ve never been very good with plants.  I love them and every spring I go buy flowers with the intention of turning my patio into a floral paradise.  I dream of sitting on my patio with a cool breeze blowing and the sweet aroma of flowers.  But in reality, the plants usually die before they ever make their way into the ground.  Well, I finally found a way of making that dream come true – sugar cookies.  Because the bouquet was a gift, I wrapped each cookie in a cello bag and tied each one with a green ribbon – to give the appearance leaves.  You don’t have to have a green thumb to keep this bouquet alive!  But I can almost guarantee that it won’t last long – who can resist a tasty sugar cookie.
Sugar Cookies for Bouquet
Because I had recently purchase small lady bug cookie cutter I decided I need to try it out.      I thought it was a fun addition to the flower.
Ladybug Sugar Cookie

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