Retiring? Have a Sugar Cookie!

After 31 years, one of the attorneys where I work retired.  A reception was held in his honor and I was asked to make a sugar cookie retirement bouquet for him.  It was fun to try to create something to not only represent his retirement, but to make it personal to him. I decided to make one of the cookies like the invitation used to announce his retirement:     The other cookies represent retirement… the clock with the hands that have fallen off (for an attorney this could also represent no more time keeping!) – the Hawaiian shirt, the suitcase – with stickers representing places he has been, will be going and some of where people might dream of going. Here is a mini bouquet I made for one of the other attorneys at the firm…. it’s a “pre-retirement” bouquet.  He will be retiring in 30 years…. and yes, the conversion of years to minutes is accurate.

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