Choose The Right Sugar Cookie

I made some cookies for my niece’s baptism (well, actually I think she is really my great-niece).  She turned 8 and was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The cookie is a shield with the letters CTR, which stands for Choose the Right.  Of course, I had to make them in her favorite colors – pink and purple.
CTR Sugar Cookies
I decided to try some with sugar to give the shield some sparkle, but when I tried to put the CTR on top of the sugar I couldn’t get the edges of the letters to be smooth, they were very ragged, so I gave up on that idea and just did the shields with the sugar sprinkled on them. And of course, because it was her special day, I wanted to give her a special sugar cookie bouquet that she did not have to share with anyone!
CTR Sugar Cookie Bouquet

2 comments on “Choose The Right Sugar Cookie

  • I am hoping to make a bunch (150 to be exact) of CTR cookies for our children after our program practice in a few weeks. This is my first time by this website, so I’m not sure if you are a business, but I’d love to imitate your cookies. Any tips that you are willing to share? Your frosting underneath, how does it lay so pretty? And your letters “CTR”…any tips on how to make them look so perfect? I am very impressed! Thanks -Angela

    • Angela – I’m glad you found my blog. I initially sent you an email, however, I’m not sure you got it so I’ll reply to you here. The icing underneath is royal icing. I’ve tried several different recipes, but the one I like best is from Sweetopia. You should poke around her site, she has some amazing cookies on there and lots of tips on decorating. As for the CTR on the cookie, I used the same icing – make sure you let the bottom layer dry for at least 6 hours – I usually try to let it dry 8-12 hours, but you’ll be okay with 6. To practice the CTR you could print off the CTR on paper and place it under some wax paper and practice the CTR before attempting it on cookies. It is not as ominous as you might think. I hope that helps!


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