Another Sugar Cookie College Logo

The same week I did the college logo sugar cookies for work, I got a call from someone at the local college (Dixie State College) to see if I could do cookies of their logo for a special meeting.  Here is what the logo looks like: Seemed simple enough….until I started looking for a D cookie cutter.  I searched and searched but could not find one in the same shape.  I had seen kits online where you could make your own cookie cutter so I decided to order the kit and make my own D cutter.   A cookie that I thought would be so simple to do, turned out to be an excellent learning experience.  I learned how to make a cookie cutter and I learned more about the importance of the consistency of the icing. Because I was so concerned about the bleeding, I made the red and blue icing a little thicker than normal, even though I had planned to let the blue and red icing dry at least 12 hours before adding the white.  Because it was thicker, it didn’t lay as nicely on the cookie as I like.  I also made the white icing thicker, again because I was concerned about the bleeding.  The other thing I found is that I had a lot more air bubbles resulting in little holes in the icing on some of the cookies. Having said that, here is how the cookies turned out: DSC Sugar Cookie

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