Mario Kart Cookies

Ok, I’m going to admit something that an adult female should probably not admit, but here it goes…. I love to play Mario Kart!   I have a friend in another state that also enjoys the game as much as I do.  Every once in a while we set up a time to play Mario Kart together over the wi-fi. Because this friend is my biggest supporter as far as my sugar cookies adventure, I wanted to make her some special sugar cookies for her birthday.  So I decided to make her some – can you guess…. some Mario Kart sugar cookies! DSC_0262_2 DSC_0265 DSC_0276 DSC_0290  

Another Sugar Cookie College Logo

The same week I did the college logo sugar cookies for work, I got a call from someone at the local college (Dixie State College) to see if I could do cookies of their logo for a special meeting.  Here is what the logo looks like: Seemed simple enough….until I started looking for a D cookie cutter.  I searched and searched but could not find one in the same shape.  I had seen kits online where you could make your own cookie cutter so I decided to order the kit and make my own D cutter.   A cookie that I thought would be so simple to do, turned out to be an excellent learning experience.  I learned how to make a cookie cutter and I learned more about the importance of the consistency of the icing. Because I was so concerned about the bleeding, I made the red and blue icing a little thicker than normal, even though I had planned to let the blue and red icing dry at least 12 hours before adding the white.  Because it was thicker, it didn’t lay as nicely on the cookie as I like.  I also made the white icing thicker, again because I was concerned about the bleeding.  The other thing I found is that I had a lot more air bubbles resulting in little holes in the icing on some of the cookies. Having said that, here is how the cookies turned out: DSC Sugar Cookie

Get Well Sugar Cookies

I was asked by someone to do a platter of sugar cookies for their mother-in-law who had just gotten out of the hospital.  At first I suggested flower cookies, but she wanted to do something more whimsical and she mentioned band-aids.  So, I took off with that suggestion.  Because I have never done anything on a cookie with band-aids, I needed some inspiration.  So I searched around the internet and got some inspiration from some clipart. I decided to do a few flower cookies that were “on the mend”: And the whimsical band-aid sugar cookies:   Instead of using a regular card to put their greeting, I decided to do a sugar cookie card with their message.  Here is the completed platter of cookies that was given to her mother-in-law: I’m happy to report that the family loved the cookies – I was told that “The family said they were great. They were surprised that they not only looked good but tasted good too!”  Maybe a sugar cookie a day will keep the doctor away!

Sugar Cookie Wedding Bouquet

I went and saw Hairspray on stage a few weeks ago and there is a song that now haunts me.   Now whenever I hear anything about a wedding,  for some reason I hear the song “I Can Hear the Bells”….. Yes, I’m singing it in my head right now.  I guess because I think of wedding bells when I think of weddings, which leads me into the chorus “I can hear the bells…..” I was asked to do a bouquet for a wedding reception (and yes, as soon as they mentioned the word wedding, the song started going through my head).  The couple was not having a formal wedding reception, instead they were going to have a small gathering after the wedding for their family and close friends.   My goal was to make the sugar cookie bouquet as personal as I could for the newlyweds. first thing I was told was that they were cowboys and were wearing their cowboy boots in the pictures they used on their announcements.  So my idea was to create sugar cookie cowboy boots, but we also wanted to keep the theme very “weddingish” – so I decided to put a top hat on his cowboy boot and a wedding veil on hers.   On the veil I used cake glitter which gave it a more textured appearance, somewhat like lace I thought. Then I was told that in one of the pictures on their announcement they were sitting on an old turquoise Chevy truck, so of course I had to find a way to incorporate that.  It was quite by accident that the texture of the icing on the sugar cookie looks “old and weathered”.  At first I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t as smooth as it normally is, but then I was glad because I think it made the truck look older.   The couple was married in the St. George, Utah Temple.   I wanted to incorporate the temple into the sugar cookies.  Because of the great detail of the temple I decided to just do a silhouette in white and put their names on the cookie.  I hope they were pleased with it.   And to round out the wedding sugar cookie bouquet, I added a heart.  Nothing represents true love better than a pink stenciled sugar cookie heart. Here is the final product:
Sugar Cookie Wedding Bouquet

Retiring? Have a Sugar Cookie!

After 31 years, one of the attorneys where I work retired.  A reception was held in his honor and I was asked to make a sugar cookie retirement bouquet for him.  It was fun to try to create something to not only represent his retirement, but to make it personal to him. I decided to make one of the cookies like the invitation used to announce his retirement:     The other cookies represent retirement… the clock with the hands that have fallen off (for an attorney this could also represent no more time keeping!) – the Hawaiian shirt, the suitcase – with stickers representing places he has been, will be going and some of where people might dream of going. Here is a mini bouquet I made for one of the other attorneys at the firm…. it’s a “pre-retirement” bouquet.  He will be retiring in 30 years…. and yes, the conversion of years to minutes is accurate.

Sugar Cookie Dancing

This week is teacher appreciation week.  In honor of that I was asked to make a sugar cookie bouquet for a dance teacher.  Last time I made a bouquet for a dancer I wanted to try putting dance silhouettes on the cookie, but I just didn’t have time to figure out how to do it.  Well, this weekend I decided to take the plunge and try some different techniques. I printed off several silhouettes of dancers, reduced them to the correct size and I was on my way.  I tried three different techniques to create the silhouettes from royal icing. The first technique I tried was parchment paper.  I put the silhouettes under the parchment paper and then traced the silhouette on the parchment paper using a #1 tip.  That worked well and it was easy to see what I was outlining. Next, I used my Kopykake and projected the image onto the parchment paper and traced it.  That worked well also, however, the Kopykake is new and it took me a few minutes to figure out how keep my shadow off the projected image so I could actually see what I was tracing.   After enough attempts, I think I figured out how to do that. The next thing I tried was to put the image under a Silpat mat.   However, due to the thinness of the limbs of the silhouettes and the pattern on the Silpat I had a hard time seeing the silhouette and after just two attempts I gave up on that technique. The last technique was to project the image of the silhouette onto the Silpat mat.  Here are the royal icing silhouettes on the Silpat:
Silhouettes on Silpat
This is the technique I liked the best – and here is why:  After letting the silhouettes dry for 24 hours I was ready to see how easily they came off the parchment and Silpat mat.  The silhouettes came off the parchment paper, but for some reason they seemed more brittle (could just be my imagination) and I broke a few of them.  I had read that you should oil/grease the parchment paper a little before applying royal icing so that it will come off easier.  But I, being the novice that I am, know better (wow, you’d think I was a teenager) and did not do that.  Perhaps if I had, they would not have broken so easily. As for the Silpat, in my opinion, it was the winning technique.  The figures popped right off without any breakage (correction, one did break). I then iced the cookies and added the silhouette to the wet frosting.  Here is the completed bouquet: