Baby Shower Sugar Cookies

I was asked to do cookies for a baby shower.  Because the invitations to the baby shower were turtles, we decided to do turtle cookies.
Invitation and Sugar Cookie
It was fun trying to match the colors – I must admit that one of my weaknesses is mixing colors – experimenting with combining colors to create just the perfect color.  But I guess that will come with practice.   I would love to hear any suggestions or great tips that anyone has regarding mixing colors.  What is your favorite kind of coloring?  Gel paste or powder?    

Sugar Cookie Baby

This sugar cookie bouquet was made for a friend of mine that just adopted a baby boy.  This was used as the center piece for her baby shower.  Months ago I had purchased a piece of scrapbook paper that I really liked.  I bought it and was so excited to create cookies from it, but life just kept getting in the way.  I finally had a reason to make the cookies so I jumped at the chance. My favorite was the elephant. I needed one more animal so I decided to do a giraffe. I also decided to do some bite size cookies for the guests to eat.   These cookies are the perfect size for a potluck or snack food type event – two bites and they’re gone and there is still room for other treats.