Sugar Cookies for Boy Birthday Party

I had someone ask me to do sugar cookies for their son’s 7th birthday.  Our conversation started off by her asking “You can do anything as a cookie, right?”  I was a little hesitant to answer that question, so I gave my standard answer of “I will do the best I can”.  She said her son was really into Beyblades.  I had never heard of them and actually what I heard the first time she said it was “blahblahs”.   I had to ask her several times and she said they were a kind of “top” that you spin.  Now I know what tops are – no problem, I can do a top cookie. Well, I eventually asked her to spell it for me so I could google and see exactly what they looked like…… yeah, what I was picturing in my head was not even close to what they actually are.  Now, you may now what a Beyblade is, but it was new to me.  Here is a picture of a Beyblade:   It was fun trying to create this toy.  Here’s what I came up with:     Hopefully this little 7 year old will like his cookies.