New Twist on a Favorite Sugar Cookie Bouquet

I was asked to do some small sugar cookie bouquets as table center pieces for a luncheon.  I was going to put only 3 sugar cookies in each sugar cookie bouquet.  Because there were only going to be 3 sugar cookies in each sugar cookie bouquet center piece I decided to try something new – a double-sided sugar cookie.  For each sugar cookie I decorated both sides of the cookie.  I didn’t want people on one side of the table looking at the undecorated backside of a sugar cookie. It was fun to try this – here’s how they turned out:
Double Sided Sugar Cookie Bouquet - front
Double Sided Sugar Cookie Bouquet – front

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Paris Sugar Cookie Bouquet

Here is a sugar cookie bouquet I did for someone to give to their sister who works as a flight attendant for JetBlue and who loves Paris.
Suitcase Sugar Cookie and Plane Sugar Cookie
Suitcase Sugar Cookie and Plane Sugar Cookie
Paris Sugar Cookies
Paris Sugar Cookies and Eiffel Tower Sugar Cookie
I borrowed the design of the dog from
Travel / Paris Birthday Sugar Cookie Bouquet
Travel / Paris Birthday Sugar Cookie Bouquet

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Here are samples of the Christmas sugar cookies that I did this year.
Christmas Stocking Sugar Cookies
Christmas Stocking Sugar Cookies
Mitten and Sweater Sugar Cookie
Christmas Sugar Cookies
Christmas Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies
The following are miniature (bite size) cookies that I did.  
Mini Christmas Sugar Cookies
Mini Christmas Sugar Cookies
I did a few Christmas sugar cookie bouquets.
Sugar Cookies for Christmas Sugar Cookie Bouquet
Christmas Sugar Cookie Bouquet
Christmas Sugar Cookies for Christmas Sugar Cookie Bouquet

Christmas Sugar Cookie Bouquet
Christmas Sugar Cookie Bouquet

Because I’m Batman….

I have a friend whose daughter loves Batman and Halloween.  My friend wanted me to do a small cookie bouquet for her daughter and she wanted a Halloween theme along with a Batman theme.  At first we thought about doing some Halloween sugar cookies and then include a batman sugar cookie.  But I thought there had to be something a little more creative than doing that.  Then it finally hit me – why not incorporate the Batman logo into the Halloween cookies.  I decided to go with a witch theme for the sugar cookies. Starting from the top, a sugar cookie witch’s hat with the Batman logo on the band:
Sugar Cookie Witch’s Hat with Batman Logo
Next, the witch socks and shoes:
Sugar Cookie Witch Shoes with Batman Logo
Of course, every witch has her cauldron:
Sugar Cookie Cauldron with Batman Logo
Witch Sugar Cookies with Batman Logo
The finished bouquet:
Halloween Sugar Cookie Bouquet – Witch and Batman Theme
I’m happy to report that my friend’s daughter loved her Halloween treat!

Choose The Right Sugar Cookie

I made some cookies for my niece’s baptism (well, actually I think she is really my great-niece).  She turned 8 and was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The cookie is a shield with the letters CTR, which stands for Choose the Right.  Of course, I had to make them in her favorite colors – pink and purple.
CTR Sugar Cookies
I decided to try some with sugar to give the shield some sparkle, but when I tried to put the CTR on top of the sugar I couldn’t get the edges of the letters to be smooth, they were very ragged, so I gave up on that idea and just did the shields with the sugar sprinkled on them. And of course, because it was her special day, I wanted to give her a special sugar cookie bouquet that she did not have to share with anyone!
CTR Sugar Cookie Bouquet

Cupcakes and Balloons

Well, it’s been a while since I posted last – a lot of things have happened and one of those things included someone’s birthday.  My sister was visiting and decided to take a cookie bouquet back for her daughter that was having her 35th birthday.  We decided on cupcakes and balloons.  Because she was flying I made the cookies, packaged them up for her and she took them home and assembled the bouquet herself.  She did such a great job that I told her she was hired!  Now, if I can only get her to move here and take the job.       Here is the picture my sister sent me of the bouquet all put together.