New Twist on an Old Sugar Cookie Favorite

It seems that some of the most popular sugar cookies I do are the flowers.  I decided to try a different twist on the sugar cookie flowers and do stained glass flower sugar cookies.
Stained Glass Sugar Cookies
Stained Glass Sugar Cookies
Stained Glass Sugar Cookies
I also did some sugar cookie flowers and sugar cookie butterflies for an event prior to Halloween.  Because I had several sugar cookies left over, I decided to try to turn them into Halloween sugar cookies and this is what I came up with….
Halloween Flower Sugar Cookies
Halloween Butterfly Sugar Cookies
Sugar Cookie with Spider
Halloween Flower Sugar Cookie
Halloween Flowers Sugar Cookies with Spiders
The deep purple and bright orange on the sugar cookie butterflies was very striking and quickly became my favorite combination of colors for the butterflies. What do you think of the variations?

Dr. Who Sugar Cookies

For all you Dr. Who fans here are some Dr. Who sugar cookies I did for a friend.  I had to use something from my favorite Dr. Who – Matt Smith.
Dr. Who Sugar Cookies
Dr. Who Sugar Cookies
Dr. Who Dalek Sugar Cookies
Who is your favorite Dr. Who?

Cupcakes and Balloons

Well, it’s been a while since I posted last – a lot of things have happened and one of those things included someone’s birthday.  My sister was visiting and decided to take a cookie bouquet back for her daughter that was having her 35th birthday.  We decided on cupcakes and balloons.  Because she was flying I made the cookies, packaged them up for her and she took them home and assembled the bouquet herself.  She did such a great job that I told her she was hired!  Now, if I can only get her to move here and take the job.       Here is the picture my sister sent me of the bouquet all put together.

M I C K E Y…why? To Cheer Her Up

My friend took her family to Disneyland for their family vacation.  While there her daughter ended up in the hospital and spent the next week enjoying their vacation from a hospital bed.  I don’t even think Mickey visited her in the hospital.  I’m very happy to report she’s doing just fine.  Her souvenir was an incision on her knee with over a dozen staples holding it all together. So, to cheer her up I decided to take her a sugar cookie bouquet.  And the theme of the bouquet…. well, Mickey Mouse of course!  I got the Mickey Mouse cookie cutter several months ago, mostly because I love Mickey Mouse.  Yes, I will admit it – I LOVE MICKEY! Just ask my friends.  I have a friend that is somewhat horrified by this fact, but she is even more horrified by the fact that my bathroom is completely decorated in a Mickey Mouse/Disney theme.  My favorite Disney character, you ask?  The evil queen from Snow White.  I always wonder what that says about me, but whatever it is I’m sure it’s good. Anyway, back to the bouquet….. I wanted the Disney theme and wanted to use bright colors.

Sugar Cookie Baby

This sugar cookie bouquet was made for a friend of mine that just adopted a baby boy.  This was used as the center piece for her baby shower.  Months ago I had purchased a piece of scrapbook paper that I really liked.  I bought it and was so excited to create cookies from it, but life just kept getting in the way.  I finally had a reason to make the cookies so I jumped at the chance. My favorite was the elephant. I needed one more animal so I decided to do a giraffe. I also decided to do some bite size cookies for the guests to eat.   These cookies are the perfect size for a potluck or snack food type event – two bites and they’re gone and there is still room for other treats.

Soccer Cookie Bouquet

This is a bouquet that was made for a teenage girl who plays – well, lets see if you can guess…..  It was fun to do the soccer balls.  To make the bouquet very personal, I added the young woman’s name to the shoe. Now, for something completely different and delicious — miniature flower sugar cookies. These flowers are truly bite size.