I Heart Sugar Cookies

Valentine’s Day may be over, but you can give a heart sugar cookie anytime.   I had fun trying a different technique of decorating – stencils!
Pink Sugar Cookie Hearts
I was thrilled when I found these stencils made specifically for heart shaped sugar cookies.  The stencil allows for you to get a lot of beautiful detail that is hard to do with just a bag of frosting and a decorating tip.  Check out these heart sugar cookies that I did for Valentine’s Day. I had a hard time deciding which color combination I liked best on the sugar cookie – the pink and white or the red and white.  The color combination possibilities are endless – that’s the great thing about decorating sugar cookies – you can do whatever color combination you want, and if you decide you don’t like it, just eat the sugar cookie and destroy the evidence.  Failure never tasted so good!
Red Sugar Cookie Hearts
Because the heart sugar cookies were quite large (about 5-inches at the widest part), I decided to make some bite size heart cookies.  That was a great move, but at the same time not so smart because it was too easy to eat the small sugar cookie hearts like popcorn.  Have you ever eaten a dozen sugar cookies in one sitting?  Well, I can now say I have – before you know it you will have eaten 12 of those bite size cookies.
Bite Size Sugar Cookie Hearts