Cookies and Documentaries

A few weeks ago I was asked to do a cookie bouquet for Docutah – a wonderful international documentary film festival here in Southern Utah.  I was excited about being asked and even more excited about figuring out how to get their logo on the cookies.  Here is the logo:

I knew I couldn’t freehand this logo, so I decided to try a stencil, which meant I would have to make one.  How does one go about making a stencil?  Well, I can now answer that question.  I found this nifty little stencil making tool:

This little gadget heats up and melts/cuts the stencil.  Once I figured out how to operate the thing it really was really quite easy to use.  The result: Because it was for a film festival, I decided to make a strip of film with the logo in the center and a movie camera. I had my design – I had my stencil – sugar cookies were baked – now time to put it all into action and hope for the best…… The end result:
Sugar Cookie Bouquet
Check out the website for Docutah: